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Excursions at the HUSUM Wind 2017

Schleswig-Holstein is the cradle of wind power. Especially along its west coast you will still find first-generation wind turbines alongside the latest prototypes and multi-megawatt power storage units. Schleswig-Holstein's first North Sea offshore wind farms are also supplied and serviced from the west coast.

We are arranging excursions so that visitors to HUSUM Wind can see why the area around Husum is known as the shop window of the wind industry.


Germany is one of the world's most important wind energy markets,

where the total installed capacity in 2016 was around 50 gigawatts. This corresponds to ten per cent of the capacity installed worldwide. In Schleswig-Holstein wind turbines with an installed capacity of 6 gigawatts feed their power into the grid, making Schleswig-Holstein the country's leading state in the production of renewable energy.

Husum is situated at the heart of the European wind industry.

The west coast of Schleswig-Holstein is the home to both first-generation wind turbines as well as the latest multi-megawatt class prototypes. No other region can boast a greater wind turbine density than here in the true north. And no other region has so much experience and tradition in developing, testing and operating wind turbines.

Over 12,000 people work in around 2,000 wind industry business here.

With turbine manufacturers, internationally active development and planning practices, service and maintenance providers, the Schleswig-Holstein wind industry is one of the most innovative and closely linked regional industry clusters, with the shortest routes to customers and partners.

The future of the energy transition is already being tested in Schleswig-Holstein.

Numerous multi-megawatt energy storage units are being tested in the region. This is where new concepts for the use of hydrogen and electromobility are being developed all the way to market readiness. Schleswig-Holstein is already the flagship region for the energy supply of the future, and HUSUM Wind is the platform for this development.

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