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Die Husum WindEnergy ist für uns der wichtigste Messeplatz der Branche. Dies spiegelt sich unter anderem wider in zahlreichen Anfragen zu nationalen und internationalen Projekten sowie Fragen rund um die technische Betriebsführung von Windenergie-Anlagen. Zudem konnten wir mit vielen Anlagenherstellern diskutieren. Und nicht zuletzt gewinnt die „Personalakquise“ zunehmend an Bedeutung. Alles Themen, die in Husum bestens zu finden sind.


juwi Holding AG

Christian Hinsch, Leiter Unternehmenskommunikation

Wir waren sehr zufrieden damit, dass der von den Herstellern stammende Vorschlag, sich als Anlagenhersteller dieses Jahr auf verschiedene Zelte zu verteilen, aufgegangen ist. Dies hat sich positiv auf die Besucherströme ausgewirkt. Allerdings sollte das weitere Wachstum der Messe nicht zu Lasten der Qualität derselben gehen.


REpower AG

Daniela Puttenat,
Leiterin Unternehmenskommunikation & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Die Welt zu Gast in Husum. Für uns eine sehr erfolgreiche Messe. Sehr interessante neue Kontakte zu internationalen Investoren und Projektieren haben uns gezeigt, dass Husum nach wie vor weltweit einmalig ist. Zudem hatten wir die Gelegenheit, viele unserer langjährigen Kunden zu treffen.

  Commerzbank AG

Simone Löfgen, Prokuristin

Flair, Stimmung, Geschäfte wie immer in Husum hervorragend.


Windtest Grevenbroich GmbH

Monika Krämer, Geschäftsführerin

I go to all the shows around the world, and this is my first time in Husum. It’s a big show and very productive with different groups of people. It’s been very good for us. We’ve made a lot of good contacts. We’re in transportation, so we want to make contacts with people who need to move wind energy components. Many companies in Europe are selling to the U.S. market, and they are very excited to see that we and our German partners, Coli Shipping and Transport, can deliver their products when they come to the States.


ATS Wind Energy Services, USA

John Riggs,
Director of International

We have had a lot of inquiries, and a lot of people have shown interest in buying our turbines. Many developers and financial investors have come to us. The interactions have been very encouraging, and that only puts more pressure on us to expedite our development programs and increase our volumes. At the same time, we’ve made connections with many suppliers who are interested in forming partnerships with us. That’s important, because we have to be cost competitive to maintain our bottom line in this market.


Lanco Wind Power Private Limited, India

Rajeev Palsule,
Vice President

We’ve been doing good here. Even for the U.S. side of it we’ve made a few contacts, mostly with people I’ve already known who are in Husum. It’s been good for us before, it’s good this year and we’ll definitely be back.


American Wind Power Academy, USA

John Gush Jr., Managing Director CEO

The bottom line is that our goal was to get the word out that we’re a serious manufacturer of gear boxes and to introduce the IntegraDrive, our new integrated gearbox and generator. That’s worked out, and we’ve had a great response. I think we’ve averaged at least 300 visitors to our booth a day at least. I’d say of those, 10 to 15 of them who are people who are truly interested, potential customers who ask questions and visit with us for 15 minutes to half an hour. We’ve even signed two contracts with new customers during the show.


GE Transportation, USA

Thomas Xavier Scott, Communication Manager

It’s a very good show and there are very many visitors interested in bolts and nuts for wind turbines. That’s why we’re here. We are making many good contacts and it will be valuable to our company.


Boltun Corporation, Taiwan

Jason Chen,
Sales Supervisor

We are an international engineering company that focuses on the hydraulic tightening of bolts in industrial turbines and towers. We’ve had quite a good result, business-wise. Lots of existing customers have come as well as people interested in our new product. Also, we’ve learned what companies are available to do business with, so we expect good results for our company. We’ve come to the show for 10 years, and expect to keep on coming.


Hydratight, UK

Hannelore Khwaja,
Business Manager

UK Renewables brought in nearly 40 companies engaged in renewables, and they’ve been very, very busy. Some of them are new to the industry, some of them have come to get a first taste and they’ll be back. Others have many old friends here and really benefit by reconnecting with them here. HUSUM is still the best show for this sort of thing. We do many shows, and HUSUM is the one with the most nuts-and-bolts things going on. A lot of other shows focus on policy, R&D, stuff like that. HUSUM is the real ‘hands-dirty’ show of the wind industry, and that’s why we like to bring companies here.


UK Renewables, UK

Bruce Valpy,
Head of Business Development


Messe Husum & Congress / Husumer Wirtschaftsgesellschaft mbh & Co. KG